Membership of the MGIP is generally personal. But as the exception proves the rule it may also be company-based. Applicants have to be proposed by a member with a brief description about their activities within publishing and presented to the Board of Directors.

The officers of the Group are the President, the Chairman, the Treasurer and four or five other elected members of the Full Members.

The MGIP is composed of three categories of members:

Full Members

(Only Full Members have the right to vote in the General Assembly)

Associate Members

(The Associate Members are not entitled to vote)

Honorary Members

(On proposal of the Board of Directors and subject to the approval of the
General Assembly, meritorious deceased members will be entitled on a Roll of Honor, and the term Honorary Member is used for living persons who have had a long association with the MGIP but are either not publishers or no longer active.)


  • One-time joining fee: € 175,00
  • Associate membership:€ 375,00 /year-an introduction offer, valid for 2 years
  • Annual membership: € 475,00


Please contact:

Barbara Glauning Secretary
Motovun Group of International Publishers –
phone: 0049 172 961 74 03 – fax: 0049 89 904 061 543 08

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