MGIP Newsletter April 2019

During the London dinner, Jean Arcache, MGIP President, gave the following speech:

This year’s London Book Fair is taking place under unusual and exceptional circumstances, at a time when the UK, a country we love and respect, seems to have gone completely crazy facing what will probably be a hard Brexit. 

I am left wondering when intelligence will rise again?

It is not just the UK, however. It seems like we are in a time where most of the world is losing intelligence and turning “crazy”. Each tweet by Donald Trump is greater proof of this. Even France is losing control; we need only look at the violent behaviour of the ‘Yellow Vest’ movement. How will Europe resist, and how will it become stronger after the next May elections?

Publishing books in this environment is becoming more and more of a risky business. Our community needs intelligent publishers who are brave enough to publish books which can help their readers keep a clear view on things, and in return, publishers who trust in the intelligence of their readers.

It is a big issue for our more or less solid book eco-system, where printing is still strong and predominant, that new players are introducing digital-first products and responding quickly to audio trends for smart speakers such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home and platforms like Storytell. Children’s books, however, continue to be a growing market worldwide, particularly in China, which is a positive sign for the future of reading. I strongly believe in, and have faith that books and bookshops will transform and survive as a way to protect ideas, raising our intelligence and understanding to fight against fake news.

Should we take inspiration from ancient wisdom and philosophy to begin building a more intelligent world? 

Maybe we should all be inspired by the future? The main transformation of our eco-system is coming from the implementation of artificial intelligence, which will play a role in every step of the book publishing process. .....(read more in the newsletter)

Summer Meeting 2019 at Grecotel Cape Sounio, Greece
28th June to 1
st July 2019


Don’t miss the chance to spend three fantastic days at one of the most famous archaeological sites and picturesque places in all of Greece, the Temple of Poseidon. The Cape Sounio Grecotel hotel  has impressive views and overlooks the bay towards the temple and seems to be at ‘the end of the world’ – the temple, pine trees and the open sea – nothing else.

We have set a second deadline for our members to reserve their places! Please contact before 25th April 2019. You will not want to miss it!
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