MGIP Newsletter Februar 2018

The UK hosts MGIP in 2018 – not once, but twice!

Apart from the annual MGIP London Dinner, the Motovun Group has never hosted one of their meetings in the UK to date. This is going to change in 2018. In fact, we will be there twice . . .
On 9th April, we will have our traditional London Book Fair dinner. As this year’s venue, we proudly present Stationers’ Hall at The Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspapers Makers. We have tried to get a ‘foot in their door’ for the last three years – and finally we have been successful, thanks in huge part to the support and intervention of Victoria Brightman and Piers Russell-Cobb.
The Stationers' Company is the City of London Livery Company for the Communications and Content Industries.
Founded in 1403, the members of the Guild of Stationers at that time were either writers, bookbinders or booksellers who worked at a fixed location (stationarius). Their members included manuscript illuminators as well as booksellers who sold manuscript books, printed copies and writing materials. The majority of their current members still work in the paper, print, publishing, packaging, office products, newspaper, broadcasting and online media industries.
Find out more about the Guild of Stationers on their website:
Don’t miss our dinner at this highly relevant place for publishers and for everyone involved in the world of books. More details and registration:


The Federation of Indian Publishers (FIP) hosted the 32nd International Publishers Congress in New Delhi from 10th to 14th February 2018. It was a great opportunity to interact with the international publishing fraternity.
The principal theme of the Congress was ‘Shaping the Future: Innovation meets Experience’. The four-day Congress programme encompassed major issues for publishers, such as copyright, freedom to publish, collective rights management, children’s and STM publishing. It was another wonderful opportunity to meet, network and interact with the top publishing executives and professionals from across the Globe. Jean Arcache and Christopher Hudson, as well as our local members Kiran and Pramod Kapoor, attended.
For further information visit their website

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