MGIP Newsletter November 2017

As you all know by our special mail, MGIP is now member of the IPA!

This is a great achievement to us. It gives us new opportunities to expand our horizon as well as to make new contacts. A first possibility could be the following invitation to Delhi, provided by the general manager of the Federation of Indian Publishers, Mr. Pradib Chhabra: 
The Federation of Indian Publishers (FIP) is hosting the 32nd International Publishers Congress in New Delhi from 10-14 February 2018 and it is going to be a great opportunity to interact with International publishing fraternity. The principal theme of the Congress is ‘shaping the Future: Innovation meets Experience’. The four-day Congress programme will encompass many major issues for publishers, such as Copyright, Freedom to Publish, collective rights management, children’s and STM publishing etc. The Congress will offer unique opportunities to the  participants to meet and interact with the top Executive and Professionals of the Publishing Fraternity from across the Globe, thus providing a very strong networking platform. For further information you visit our website On the website, you may register yourself, your accompanying guest and chose from the various payment options available. Looking forward to your cooperation.
Pradip Chhabra
General Manager


Dear guests, dear members,

What a pleasure for me, to see all of you here joined for our kick-off Frankfurt dinner! I apologize to start with personal matters, but sometimes life events show you the way to the future.

I became, for the first time, a grandpa six months ago!  And I had a dream... I had the dream to see Victor, my grandson, as a talented publisher in 30 years from now! How would be the world then and particularly the world of publishing? I am expecting 3 major issues: 

- The freedom of publishing will survive because we will fight for it and  «no power will be able to shake out words of our authors „My faith in the words is unshakable,“ says the Turkish author Asli Erdogan.
- The quality standard will still improve the printing of books and drive to a never ending success
- Motovun, MGIP, will celebrate 30 years further of worldwide development, thanks to our agreement as IPA member, and thanks to a support,  hopefully by EU which I will try ask for.

But what will change a lot, I am sure about is our job situation! Already now, different Federal Offices of Labour are measuring that we are averagely changing our jobs 10 times in our total working life and for millennials, so called generation Y, it will be much higher - and for my grandson VICTOR they are expecting that he will change his job 20 times! This means we have constantly to reset our knowledge which we  have learnt from daily working life. We have to learn new expertise - in fact we have to achieve a TRANSFORMATION.

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