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Five questions to... Jean-Babtiste Bourrat

1. At this year’s summer meeting you presented a project, on which you worked together with Chris Hudson – THE EXCHANGE OF KNOWLEDGE BETWEEN MGIP MEMBERS. For all members that weren’t able to attend the meeting: What is the project about?

MGIP is a place for exchanges of knowledge in the editorial area. At the summer meeting or during the book fairs we have contact with publishers or rights sellers, but it’s very rare to be in contact with other areas such as marketing, commercial, design, or publicity.

I think MGIP could be also a place for other exchanges of knowledge with other publishing departments. For a couple of days, a member invites a director of a department from another member’s publishing house in his/her company, to participate in an exchange about its best practices and knowledge.

2. Who could benefit from this exchange?

This program could be based on the goodwill of the members who want to invite other members. There is no obligation, for we understand that some members don’t want or haven’t got any time for such exchanges.

3. How can this exchange be financed? What are the costs for each member?

The costs (hotel and travel) are paid by the guest. The program is free of charge for the publishing house that hosts the guest. It is not necessary to organize an invitation in return.

4. From your point of view, what parts of the publishing business would be the most suitable for an exchange of knowledge? And what parts are not suitable?

In my point of view this program is suitable for marketing directors, commercial directors (sales department), design (art directors), and publicity (press and media).

5. As it is your idea, will you offer an exchange to someone at your publishing house LES ARÈNES?

Yes, as an example les Arènes could invite a foreign Marketing or Commercial Director and an Art Director :
1) Invitation for a Marketing or Commercial Director
Two days sales conferences with our representatives and our Commercial Director + one day sharing experiences with our Marketing Director and our Sales Director. For this exchange it’s better to have some facility in the French language (sales conferences will be held in French).

2) Invitation for an Art Director
Two days with our Art Director in order to see different types of layouts and what sort of books we do. We will speak about covers, illustrated books, new trends… We could also organize a meeting with our production department. In this case, English speaking is feasible.

If you are interested please feel free to contact me:

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