Newsletter Summer 16

We wish you relaxing and inspiring summer holidays with your families!

Five questions to... Alexandra Papadakis

1. Alexandra, you have joined MGIP just a couple of weeks before the summer meeting in Bucharest. What or who convinced you that it was the right time and the right group for you to join now? I ask you this question, as we have tried for years to invite you to become a member. Luckily we never gave up!

I’ve been making some changes to my business over the past year and I think that the timing was important for me. I’m now at a stage where I want to expand my list and thought that Motovun would be an excellent way to meet and get to know publishers in a more convivial environment than in the rush and stress of the book fairs. That said, it was also Eric Ghysel’s unbound and infectious enthusiasm for the group that also sealed the decision at London Book Fair. I’ve already said that joining was the best publishing decision of the year and I stand by that statement!

2. Did the summer meeting in Bucharest meet your expectations? Actually – what did you expect and what did you find?

I absolutely loved the summer meeting. I actually wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, other than a gathering of like-minded publishers in a city that I was curious to visit, but what struck me most was the warmth and welcome from other members, their enthusiasm and interest in the projects being presented, and most importantly, their willingness to share their experiences and publishing knowledge. I have always loved the world of publishing for those very reasons – less cut-throat, and more ambition and genuine pleasure at discovering new authors, new works and new ideas to publish and present around the world. Motovun is the epitome of this collaborative spirit.

3. Concerning the MGIP Book Award, the procedure has changed. It is no longer the board of directors, that votes at the board meeting in February, but as it was forwarded to the summer meeting, all attending members can vote. So the results are clearer in all categories. Luckily your Book BLUE ICE got the highest votes in the category ‘Art book & Photography’. First time participated and won! Congratulation! What does it mean to you?

I was very touched and truly honoured that Blue Ice was the winner of its category, particularly against such strong competition. It means an incredible amount to be voted for by your peers, more so perhaps than by an anonymous jury who you never get to meet. It was lovely to hear the announcement of the awards during our that exceptional final meal of the summer meeting, and I am really looking forward to the presentation in Frankfurt.

4. Maybe it is still too early to speak about it, but do you think that you will work on co-editions with MGIP members in the future? Do you have projects in mind, which could be realized more easily, now that you have spoken to other members at the summer meeting?

I think that there is serious potential for collaboration with other members. I came back from Bucharest, fuelled with valuable information from a smaller, yet much more focused series of meetings than at a fair. Some are still being followed up on, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for one in particular! The importance of presenting a title, and followed up by informal discussions during the stay allows you to develop a better idea of how collaborations could potentially work, along with what other publishers are looking for. I also love the idea of meeting collectively and hatching a publishing project that a group of publishers from different territories could collaborate on together.

5. Last but least I have to ask you as a publisher in the UK. Does the political situation after the ‘Brexit’ have economical implications on the book publishing industry and the book market in general?

I think that it’s too early to tell what is going to happen post-Brexit. Despite our huge disappointment with the decision, there is nothing to be done in the short term, other than to concentrate on doing what we do best – which is creating, producing and publishing innovative, interesting and high quality books.

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