MOTOVUN GROUP OF INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHERS is a worldwide community of publishers and book people committed to fostering international co-operation. Founded in 1977 in Motovun / Istria (Croatia), where the association’s first headquarters were, MGIP is now registered in Brussels and has its associate office in Munich.

MGIP is an international network of some 80 Publishing Professionals of 20 countries from Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, India, USA, China to Japan.

  • MGIP members take the opportunity to spend more time together than conventional fairs and associations allow.
  • MGIP members meet at annual Summer Meetings over a weekend in June that offer a unique mix of business and pleasure over individual meetings at the Motovun Rights Centre, lectures and seminars, excursions, lunches and dinners. These Summer Meetings are arranged in attractive destinations. These included so far Stockholm/Sigtuna, Budapest, Dresden, Plasencia in Spain, Lucerne, Prague, Avignon, Porto, Lake Como and again and again Motovun, Croatia.
  • MGIP members meet at their traditional dinners the night before opening of Frankfurt and London book fair.
  • MGIP organize Special trips to important countries: India (2006), China (2010 tbc).

Motovun Group Board of Directors

                                    Jean Arcache (President)

                                    Robin Wood (Chairman)

                                    Juraj Heger (Treasurer)


                                  The directors of the board:

Jean-Baptiste Bourrat                                   Jan Martens

Christopher Hudson                                      Elisabeth Sandmann

Kiran Kapoor                                                

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