Founded on the principle of co-operation for mutual benefit, based on friendship and trust, the MGIP is a more meaningful and personally-linked group than a traditional business association.
Members meet not only at book fairs, but individually throughout the world. Over the years, hundreds of co-publications have resulted from these contacts, many valuable business connections have been forged, joint venture companies founded and lasting friendships formed.
Likewise dedicated to the principles of freedom of speech and free exchange of information, of cultural and spiritual values, the MGIP is fostering these aims by all available means.

The MGIP founders in alphabetical order:

  • Bato Tomasevic (founding president)
  • Ed Booher (+) (first chairman)
  • Jürgen Braunschweiger (+) (first secretary treasurer)
  • David Campbell
  • John Clark (†)
  • Hans-Curt Köster
  • Jan Martens
  • Charles Merullo
  • William Nygaard
  • Ljubo Stefanovic(†)
  • Philipp Wilson
  • Branko Juricevic
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