MGIP is an association of people from around the world committed to publishing, creating, producing, selling, and marketing of books in all forms. It is a by-invitation membership organization of approximately 80 members representing 20 different countries.
The purpose of MGIP is to exchange ideas, to further cooperation between companies and between countries, to encourage business opportunities, to discuss relevant technological innovations, to build lasting professional bonds, and to form permanent friendships across international borders. The group includes members who publish adult books and / or children’s books; popular books and / or scholarly books; books printed on paper and / or digital and audio books.

Members are generally the decision makers in their respective companies and they are people who buy books, who sell books, and who make books. To achieve these goals, the members meet annually in various cities for usually a Friday to Monday early summer session, with lectures, panel discussions, shared experience round-tables, and one-on-one meetings and interviews. Recent meetings have been held in Prague, Santiago de Campostela, near Stockholm, Budapest, Avignon, Porto, Lake Como. This June 2016, the meeting will be held in Bucharest, Romania.

The atmosphere is always warm and welcoming. There are festive dinners often featuring the traditions and flavor of the host country. Optional tours of local cultural and historic sites are an important added extra feature of each annual summer event. Members are welcome to bring their spouses, partners, and children.

The Motovun Group of International Publishers sponsors a Scholarship Program, a Fellowship Program in joint cooperation with the Frankfurt Book Fair and the Digital Book World, New York and the Motovun Awards for Publishing Excellence, as well. Motovun also hosts evening parties and dinners for members and prospective members at the annual book fairs in Frankfurt and London.

The MGIP was founded as Motovun Group Association in 1977 in the midst of the Cold War as a group committed to building bridges over the Iron Curtain between East and West. The name Motovun comes from the town in Croatia (then Yugoslavia) where the summer meetings were held in the early years. The Group was created with dedication to the principles of freedom of speech and free exchange of information and to cultural, intellectual, and spiritual values. The traditions of Motovun and a devotion to those principles and those values continue today as the essence of MGIP.

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