The MGIP meets generally:

  • last weekend in June for the MGIP Summer Meeting which starts usually on a Friday and finishes on a Monday with the option
  • for an additional excursion on Tuesday.
    (This is our major event during the year which is very purposeful, yet informal.)
  • the eve of the opening of the Frankfurt Book Fair for a MGIP Dinner Party
  • the eve of the London Book Fair for a MGIP Dinner Party


  • 3 Cruisings along the Adriatic coast
  • in Motovun, nine times
  • at the Castello di Gargonza in Tuscany, three times, with the participation of Italian publishers
  • in Piran, Slovenia, four times – first time under the auspices of President Kuãan, sailing from Dubrovnik to Venice on the cruise liner Ambassador (10th anniversary)
  • in China, once in 1980 travelling to Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities, and in 1989 sailing down the Yangtze River with Chinese publishers
  • in Prague, under the auspices of President Václav Havel
  • sailing from Moscow to St Petersburg in the company of a group of Russian publishers
  • in Jarandilla de la Vera, Spain, under the auspices of the regional government of Extremadura

  • in Lucerne, Switzerland
  • in Chioggia, Italy
  • in Placencia, Spain
  • 2006 in Dresden, Germany
  • 2007 in Dresden, Germany
  • 2008 in Budapest, Hungary
  • 2009 in Sigtuna, Sweden
  • 2010 in Motovun, Croatia
  • 2011 in Santiago de Compostella, Spain
  • 2012 in Prague, Czech Republic
  • 2013 in Avignon, France
  • 2014 in Porto, Portugal
  • 2015 at Lake Como, Italy
  • 2016 in Bucharest, Romania
  • 2017 in Portoroz & Motovun (40th anniversairy)
    ‘ 2018 in Windsor Great Park – Cumberland Lodge, UK
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