Fellowship program 2014


of SLOVART will be member of the Frankfurt bookfair-fellowship program 2013/2014.

Erik Fazekas was the MGIP member of the 2013 Fellowship Programme of Frankfurt Book Fair.

*His impressiom:

The Frankfurt Fellowship Programme is a great opportunity to all the members of Motovun Group. Those 15 days were the most intense days of my life in publishing. I did not just meet a few colleagues – I did make friends for life. (And we are still in touch!) Part of the programme is meeting different German publishers, but the other side is spending all those days with 15 different people from different countries and finding out how their markets work. For those 15 days we talked about books 24/7.
Young publishers hate bookfairs, because we look at them just as a lot of meetings. But during FFP I understood that working in publishing is about networking, about making friends and meeting them. Because friends give you the best advices.
The Prestigious FFP was the best thing in my 10 years I am in publishing and I am very grateful that Motovun Group gave me the opportunity to be a part of it! If it would be possible to go through it again I will be the first one to apply!*

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