• MGIP brings together publishers and other book people to create a context in which business and friendships can be developed.
  • MGIP features with its Website members free of Charge.
  • MGIP offers excellent lectures by experts from a variety of business areas.
  • MGIP members get priority Information and booking to all MGIP events.


  • MGIP members have created hundreds of books together and can apply yearly to win the MGIP International Book Award.
  • MGIP sales and purchases amongst themselves exceed Euro 2 million.
  • MGIP provides network with printers, designers, translators and other book people in addition to publishers.
  • MGIP members consult in a worldwide network with colleagues and guests about best practices on a wide variety of matters.
  • MGIP members use the Motovun Rights Centre at Summer Meetings where individual meetings can be arranged in an informal yet professional way.
  • MGIP offers access to specialists interest groups and to a wide variety of book people.
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